Sieburgh Energy Associates

Senior Management Services

For major complex projects we provide you the needed senior management services. Case examples and experience:

Windpark Zeewolde

Windpark Zeewolde is a collective of 200 farmer who wanted to develop the largest onshore windproject (320MW) in the Netherlands but had no personnel or organisation. We were hired as CEO. We completed development from early-phase development to financing, investment, construction and operation. We recruited from scratch an organisation. Managed hired teams and staff. Realised the largest community-owned windfarm in the world. Managed complex shareholder structure of 200 farmers.

We are currently developing batteries and hydrogen to leverage the owned high voltage substation.


AkzoNobel had large fossil generation plants for its power and steam needs. It was also supplying other chemical companies with steam. It was severely lossmaking. After being hired as Director Energy, we closed a green steam supply deal with a nearby biomasspower plant, closed gas-fired CHPs, hired more renewables focussed staff and converted Akzo from fossil generation to renewable.


RWE was large in Germany and the UK, but had only a very small company in the Netherlands. Was hired as Director asset development Benelux with the mission to grow the Benelux. Developed greenfield 1600MW biomass/coalplant. Recruited from scratch a power organisation. Managed teams and staff. Developed a portfolio of power-projects: gas, wind.

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